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Lita's World

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

10:21PM - MySpace

I think I'm just going to stick to updating everyone on my life in myspace.... keeping up with both hasn't been working.

I'll keep checking in from time to time but otherwise I'm going to stick with myspace.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Friday, May 11, 2007

10:41AM - Moving along quite well

Freddie and I had a GREAT time in Orlando. It was SO needed. I took a test for a job at Progress Energy and passed. By the time we got home from our mini trip there were 3 calls from Progress Energy trying to set up an interview. I interviewed yesterday and I'm hoping to hear back something SOON. Not working has been KILLING me and now that I'm not pregnant I feel even more useless sitting around the house. I've been selling stuff on ebay, cleaning and organizing but it's still not enough. I don't feel useful at all.

Today I have lots planned in the cleaning realm and I think I might tackle decorationg one of the plant shelves as well. We'll see.

Hope you all have a great weekend.


Current mood: busy

Sunday, May 6, 2007

3:12PM - leaving town

I decided the best way for me to get into a positive attitude and move along with my days is to get away for a few days. So Freddie and I are getting a hotel for 3 days in Orlando and going to Epcot to drink around the world and eat. Just the 2 of us, we're not even telling our old o-town friends we're going to be there. I'm just wanting to not talk to anyone who "knows" and just relax for a full 3 days. It's just necessary.

I hope you all have a great week. Talk to you when we get back.

Friday, May 4, 2007

10:35AM - A new day

Last night was bad, I admit it. But today is a new day and there's nothing that I can do to change what has happened or what is currently happening. I have literally taken my body on a whirlwind over the last few months and I am giving myself time to heal. Screaming and crying isn't going to help myself it's only going to make myself sick. So.... with that said, I'm done. It's over and I WILL get pregnant again. Besides... I always said "Jul is our month to get pregnant so that our baby will be born in April and we can celebrate everything in one month". So I will give myself time and enjoy my house and my husband and save up some money and be more prepared for the next time.

Today the Sheriff's Office called to set up an interview. I'm rather excited about that AND on Monday I am taking a test for a position with Progress Energy. So my 2 "career choices" are falling into place. When one door closes another one ALWAYS opens.

Have a blessed weekend.

Current mood: numb

Thursday, May 3, 2007

7:45PM - gone

I knew I shouldn't have told you all about being pregnant. I went to the doctor today and had the ultrasound done.... it's gone. The sac is still in place so I didn't bleed or miscarry yet, but there's nothing inside anymore. I don't want to talk about it, so I thought I'd just let you know and then move on.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

Monday, April 30, 2007

7:04PM - In a year....

Freddie and I celebrated our One Year Wedding Anniversary yesterday. (it was also his 26th birthday) I can't believe it's been a year already. I remember the entire day as if it were yesterday. It goes by so incredibly fast. We went to lunch together after church and after cutting our 1 year old wedding cake topper. As we were sitting there we were going over all the "major events" that have happened since last year......I'm ok with telling you guys since there are only like 5 people that still use this that are on my friends list. I decided to wait to write about this on myspace for a while so I'll just tell you guys.....

Wedding: April 29, 2006
Honeymoon to Lake Tahoe California and Nevada: April 30-May 5th
Back to Gainesville until July
Moved to Inverness July 4th weekend
Started working together at Ruby Tuesday
Lita leaves Ruby Tuesday in October to go to Hernando Co Jail
Discovers a health concern
Leaves the jail for a less stressful atmosphere
Starts working for Eckerd Youth Alternatives
Realizes health concern is very serious.... has surgery in February for a tumor removal on left ovary. Doctor takes tumor, ovary, and fallopian tube
Took leave from work and later returned
Had a checkup with the doctor to discuss if getting pregnant was going to be possible
April 4th (Lita's birthday) we find out it IS possible and not as hard as we thought it might be.......

We were scared thinking that since I just had the surgery it was going to be a miscarriage or tubal pregnancy so we've been very worried.
Went on disability from work April 16th and am enjoying every second of it. Baby is doing ok so far, but we have a dr appt thursday and an ultrasound friday to HOPEFULLY hear a heartbeat. If we hear it I might then tell the world. I have a high risk of something going wrong but I have faith that God is in control of this and everything will work out in the end.

WHAT A YEAR IT HAS BEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Current mood: anxious

Thursday, April 19, 2007

11:50PM - doin ok

I keep trying to update often but I just can't seem to do it. I'm finishing up my semester (I have online classes) and I recently was put on disability hence I'm now a stay at home wife. My medical issues are the reason why I'm on disability in case you were wondering. And it was via my request until I find a more suitable job. I don't like getting threatened and large items thrown at me on a daily basis. Makes for more stress than it's worth.

I'm rather enjoying being home for the time being because there are lots of things that I am getting done. When I was home after the surgery I couldn't DO anything so now I'm getting stuff accomplished. I'm even doing a yard sale next Saturday. I want to get all the "junk" out of this house. There's no reason to HAVE junk because we just moved here. We should have plenty of room and we don't.

I'll keep you all updated (those few who are actually on here)as to what I'm up to.

Take care!


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

3:28PM - Stressed

I'm in one of those "moods". I'm sure it's the weather but I just can't get in a good mood. I'm stressed, and unhappy. My "health condition" is making it worse. I feel like if I'm not totally relaxed that I'm going to break. I have done more life altering things in my first year of marriage than anyone else I know. I should be grateful but I'm not. I'm scared that we're in over our heads and I don't know how to get out. I'm trying to minimize where ever I can.... getting rid of a dog, picking up side jobs, transferring into a new position (hopefully) with the same company I work for now, selling stuff on ebay, etc. I had hoped to pay off everything somehow but it's not working. I just need to trust in God and stop thinking so far ahead. There's a whole year practically ahead of me before we have to officially buy this house and there's plenty of time to have things "work out".

I hope everyone is doing ok. Sorry for my crappy mood.


Wednesday, April 4, 2007


I love birthdays. Today was a great day and I felt very loved. My parents sent me beautiful flowers (daisies of course) and got me this really neat decoration for our empty plant shelves in the ceiling. It's really pretty. Then they took me out for sushi :) YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY. Freddie bought me a memory foam pillow for in between my legs. Weird, but it's what I asked for to help me sleep. And he got me a beautiful heart locket necklace that says Forever in My Heart. I just need to find a picture to put in it. The kids at work sang me Happy Birthday and I got a set of oak bookends that have picture frames attached to them. Very neat as well. Grandparents gave me money and a walmart gift card. All in all... great day.

Also had good news from the doctor so I'm doing really well.

Until next time!


Current mood: excited

Monday, April 2, 2007

1:43PM - Sorry, it's been so long

Hey there everyone. Not sure who all still uses this thing, but hello anyway. I am very sorry it's been so long. I don't even know where to begin. I had and am still having some health issues. But let me go in order.... since last July..... nothing really occurred until January 30th. We bought a new house in the Highlands off Seneca. We haven't had much time to ENJOY it, but we love having a real place to call our own. Then in February I was having some "female" issues and went to the doctor numerous times. Long story short there was a softball sized Dermoid Tumor on my left ovary which was removed (with the ovary and fallopian tube) February 26th. I recovered and went back to work... which by the way I'm working at Eckerd Youth Alternatives in Brooksville as a counselor. I was back at work after a 1 month leave and now I am having "female issues" again. I have an appt tomorrow so HOPEFULLY I will learn something. I know it's not another tumor, but I would like to know WHAT it is. My right side that remains is supposed to be in working order so there's no telling.

I think that sums everything up. I promise to write more and check this thing more often.

Talk to you later~

Current mood: sick

Thursday, July 13, 2006

9:45AM - Dedicated to Meg

I am officially an Inverness resident!! We moved in July 1st but it took until the 5th to get cable and road runner. Talk about a long 4 days!! We start working today (Although it's just an orientation) and then Saturday we go in for training at 4, off sunday and then Monday through Saturday at 4 for training until we open the 25th or 26th. I'm REALLY excited. It's been forever since I've bartended for a restaurant that actually gets busy. Granted, I'm technically a manager in training.... I'll be bartending for the first few months of chaos though. Doesn't matter to me... it's just a job until I'm done with the police academy. Speaking of.... my dad has decided to be my workout trainer to get me ready for the academy. We started yesterday at 7am!! GOOD GRIEF. It dawned on me that I was back home at that point because I've never worked out with my dad... not to mention we were at dynabody where I knew like 5 people right as I walked in the door. Between Freddie and I it's hard to go ANYWHERE now without knowing at least 2 people. Especially when we go to Walmart. It's going to be weird for a while but I love that I can go shopping with my mom and Grandma and do the gym stuff with my daddy. Freddie wants to go to the gym too, but he's afraid that he'll be interfering with my dad and me and our bonding time. So I told him I'd go with him seperately. It can't possibly hurt.

Well, that's about it. Meg I hope this updates you for a little bit :) hehehehehehe. I'll be taking some pics of the house and posting them on my myspace page soon.

Until next time~

Current mood: content

Friday, June 23, 2006

8:48AM - Exciting Weekend to come...

Ok, so my grandma (on my dad's side) is down from Kentucky staying at my mom's. AND my aunt and uncle and their 2 little boys are staying there too. Their house is not done being built and their lease is up at the house they are in. So.......... My mom has a FULL house. So what am I doing for her?? I'M GOING THERE TOO!! hehehehehehe. Just Saturday night to Sunday. Not too bad. I'll sleep on the floor. I'm going there because I have a final meeting with the managers at Ruby Tuesday AND I'm going to go sign my new lease for the house in the highlands!! WAHOOOOO. I'm very excited. We start moving in next weekend. I have a 4 day weekend so we're gonna get the u-haul Friday night and pack some that night and then Saturday morning and head on out! So we'll have Saturday to empty the uhaul and I'll have Sunday and Monday and Tuesday to decorate/unpack. We have a layaway at walmart with a new mailbox, kitchen stuff, batroom stuff and a new entertainment center. I can't WAIT!

Freddie is in Inverness now doing his final meeting cause he has to work tomorrow. So I'm at work bored just sitting thinking about our new place and how great being back in Inverness is going to be!

Oh and tomorrow before I head to Inverness from 7am-11am I'm having a yard sale too. BUSY, BUSY, BUSY me!

Talk to ya'll later.

Current mood: excited

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

3:04PM - We're moving very soon!!

So Freddie and I have talked many times about moving back home. Since my classes are online it seemed like there was nothing holding us back. So...... we decided why not now? I start the police academy in Inverness in January so we have from now until then to move. But then I thought about it and told him that I don't want to miss another christmas of decorating like we did last year. Our place was all boxed up during christmas and I REFUSE for that to happen again-especially since it's our "first" as husband and wife.

So that's when we started putting it together little by little... we have to do it before Christmas is what I said... which moved him to saying before Thanksgiving since he wanted to cook this year and our townhouse isn't big enough for others... which then made him think about Halloween and how much fun it would be to have Trick-or-treaters.... so now we're at October. So, i start looking at job options and we decide to go to Inverness and apply at some places. It's never too early to put your applications in. But when we were in Inverness...before we ventured away from my parents to apply at places... Freddie's phone rang. It seems that the new Ruby Tuesday wants BOTH of us. NOW. They open in about 29 days but they'd need us before that to help train and set up. We'll start off as me:head bartender and Freddie: head cook... then after a month we'll be managers. They want other store managers to come and do the opening so it's all smooth and stuff.

So we get the call that we're meeting with the District Manager this Friday at 9am. So then we say to ourselves "selves... WHERE ARE WE GOING TO LIVE????" That's when we go to Subway, eat lunch and scope out the Citrus County Chronicle for rental houses. And low and behold we find some. One in particular being in the highlands that we LOVED!! It's a 2 bedroom but has a LARGE florida room that acts as my office/study area. And 1 bathroom which isn't too big a deal and a 1 car garage!! With storage areas and work bench/table... then the back yard area has fruit trees!! 1 lemon, 1 orange and 1-we're not sure if it's a fig tree or a japanese plum tree. I CAN'T WAIT!! I'm not looking forward to boxing up our stuff, but I'm THRILLED about being in a HOUSE. And the better news is that the house we want to BUY is becoming more and more a possibility. So that's where we're at now.

Just thought I'd let you guys know :)

Until next time!!

<3 Lita

Current mood: ecstatic

Friday, May 26, 2006

8:27AM - I'm here, I'm here....

Wow, I can't believe it's been so long since I wrote!! Good grief what have I been doing?? Oh yea, working like a crazy woman, getting my house situated now that the wedding is over, and BEING A MARRIED WOMAN!!! That's enough to make anyone run around like a headless chicken.

So, where do I begin? Perhaps I'll give you the reader's digest version

Ok, so.... the wedding went BEAUTIFULLY (with a few minor bumps on the way but that's to be expected) the church service was at Our Lady of Fatima in Inverness and the reception was at Black Diamond. I can't WAIT for the pictures from the photographer. After the reception we drove to Orlando Airport and stayed in the Hyatt's Executive suite... OH MY GOSH that bed was like sleeping on clouds!! Then in the morning we got up and headed downstairs to load our plane for Lake Tahoe, California. We flew into Reno and stayed in tahoe for a week. It was GORGEOUS!!

Now that we're back... Freddie is Managing a new restaurant in downtown Gainesville and I'm bartending there 2 nights a week. It's called South Beach Cafe and it's doing pretty well. During the week I still work at the Sheriff's Office but plans have changed a little. We're hoping to move back to Inverness this November and come January I will be doing the Police Academy for Citrus County rather than in Alachua. We miss home and want to move back so we can settle down and stuff. We're also hoping for a South Beach to be opening in Citrus county somewhere and while I'm going to the academy at night during the day I will run the restaurant and Freddie will run it at night. The GM of the one here in Gainesville (and us) are looking for a restaurant that is for sale somewhere over there. Cross your fingers we FIND one. If not, Freddie will find something else or drive to our GM's other store in Ocala. Not sure what the place is called, but who cares. Jobs are the necessary factor before we can head down there.

And since I just got to UF this last year... and then went and added a major... I will be doing the remaining classes all online. My dual major is Psychology (which I have only 1 class left I believe) and Criminology. This way I can still finish (drive there if necessary since it's not that far) and be able to move home while still doing my classes.

I guess that about covers it. If I think of anything else I'll let you know!

<3 Lita

Current mood: thoughtful

Monday, March 27, 2006

3:57PM - still here

33 more days and my life starts over. Brand new, and completely different. It's as if all my mistakes in the past get to be erased and my life as Lita Lofton is just a memory. Is that how it works? I doubt it. But it was a good thought. Seriously though... there are only 33 more days left until the wedding. I'm getting really anxious. Signing paperwork so that when i get back from the honeymoon I don't have to, pre-writing thank you cards, re-organizing the house so there's room for new stuff.... I'm ready. I've BEEN ready.

Hope you're all doing ok. I'm on myspace more than my lj so if anyone is on myspace look me up there. Take care~

Soon to be Mrs. Frederick Downey

Current mood: complacent

Thursday, February 16, 2006

8:50AM - Still alive... I promise

Just thought I'd let you all know that I'm alive. No, really I am. I am not sure where I am going sometimes or what I'm doing at other times but I like it that way. As someone told me the other day... if I wasn't running around in a million directions like a crazy person I'd go nuts. It's just how I am, always has been. I'd be too bored if things were simple and easy. Although I do enjoy those times when I can relax for a while. So we are counting down the days, hours and minutes until we are on that plane to get to our honeymoon for a solid week of relaxation. Because we SOOOOO deserve it. It's the little things in the wedding planning process that can go wrong that drive one nuts. I've come to that conclusion. Having to replace bridesmaids the day the dresses are due to be ordered, finding out ALL the tuxes have been discontinued the day you go to pay for them, finding out the reception hall has been taken on by new owners and they can't find your folder of information OR your deposit... but then they call you and find it but have to alter some stuff, fights between best man and bridesmaid, brother of groom not wanting to be in wedding but then all of a sudden asking why he wasn't chosen to be best man..... all little things in the realm of it.... all fixable things as well....... however ANNOYING TO ME!!!! Little things add up and when you're trying to get a wedding planned for 200 people or should I say a wedding for 250ish people, a reception for 200 people, a honeymoon booked and planned, 4 college classes finished which will end the DAY BEFORE THE WEDDING, a full time job, and a house full of the every day upkeep of cleaning, laundry, groceries, and bills.... the little things are not necessary. It's a darn good thing I love all that I do, and that i have a fiance who is SOO incredibly helpful. Everything is now DONE. THANK GOD! All we do now is wait. Wait for it to be April. I can handle that. Hope that no other "little" things happen and just wait. We're going to start stuffing envelopes next weekend and then they get mailed out March 1st. Nothing much to do in March, so we're good there. Thank goodness for long engagements... I had a lot done in advance and things still had to get changed. But it looks like they will finally be done and things are going to be great. I can't wait. I'm so excited to see the end result. I can picture it all a hundred times but seeing it is totally different.

Well, I better get to work... not that I have much to do here, but I'm sure they'll have me doing something. Hope everyone is doing well. Thanks for listening to my rambling. Or rather reading it.
Until next time~

Current mood: bouncy

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

10:42PM - still around

Just wanted you all to know I'm still alive. I'm just really busy. Between 4 classes, working full time, keeping up with the apartment, finishing off the old place this week and getting them the keys so that we can be rid of it, and planning this wedding (which by the way is like 14 weeks away!!!!) we are literally running around like crazy people. Bills are swarming around us and Freddie might be starting a new job Monday... I'm literally going nuts.

Hope everyone else is doing ok. :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2006

8:40AM - new home....

Where do I begin....

Well, we are all settled in the new place!! WAHOO. This move was by far the smoothest of them all. I was so pleased with how it went. Freddie has my desk yet to build which is why I haven't been on AIM and why I haven't really updated or anything except every now and then at work. I'm still really concerned with money because we're not rid of the old place yet, and bills still come in by the tons but I have faith that Freddie will find a better paying job and that by the time the wedding comes (which by the way... is less than 16 weeks away!!!)

I am getting things together slowly but surely. I find out if the sheriff's office is going to sponsor me for the police academy soon. Which means they pay for me to go AND they PAY me to go. Which will be wonderful. If they don't sponsor me, I can't do it. And if they DO sponsor me... I have to get to work because I'm SO not ready right now.

I have tons to do and I'm running low on time it seems but I just keep trying to tell myself to take it one day at a time otherwise I'll go crazy. My mom and Grandpa are coming to see our new place Friday so I took the day off. And our Orlando crew is coming to do "Christmas" on Saturday. So that'll be fun. I'm not done shopping for them and I'm running out of time for that as well. And then I have another Neurologist appt on Thursday but that'll be ok... now that they have me on the RIGHT meds. (Another story for another day) He wanted to schedule my next MRI for the week of my wedding and couldn't figure out why I said no. Hmmm... I wonder why..... YOU IDIOT!!!

Anyhow... I think that's all for now... I have some stuff to get done for now. Talk more later.

Current mood: accomplished

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

8:37AM - Merry Belated Christmas

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas... Freddie and I certainly did but this week is going to be so insanely busy that I may or may not have much time to update except at work. We're moving little by little this week but the big move is on Saturday (New Year's Eve). So that should be rather fun all in itself. Just wanted to let you all know :)

Talk to you soon.

Current mood: busy

Monday, December 12, 2005

10:28AM - Today's agenda

Well, today should be interesting.... well, come to think of it the rest of this month should be rather intersting! We went to my mom and dad's this weekend for a christmas party and then a surprise birthday party yesterday. Then to the mall for some little things that we had to pick up for our second jobs. Yes, we BOTH have second jobs. I figure this way we can make up for the time being some extra money and until the spring classes resume get ahead a bit. Mine is just temporary (not that I told THEM that but I don't plan on continuing it). But Freddie is cooking at a restaurant literally across the street from our soon to be new home. He could walk to it. The guy that runs the place is young and eager and hasn't been cooking long so he actually told Freddie that he'd be willing to make Freddie take over some stuff due to his experience... so we're thinking about making Haile (the landscaping job his part time job especially because of the cold weather there's not much to do) and the cooking thing more his full time thing. And I start at an Italian Grill in the mall tonight at 5 waitressing again. Just for some extra holiday and moving money. I train for 4 days and then I'm on the floor. I'm only going to do it for a few months part time for some extra cash. Just in case the Sheriff's office doesn't sponsor me for the Police Academy in August I'll need a night job to get my through the 5 months. Otherwise I'll be in trouble.

ANYHOW... it's going to be VERY busy month. There isn't a single day for the rest of this month that there isn't SOMETHING happening. Granted, there's only 2.5 weeks left of December, but still. And only 18 days left until we move!!!! I can't wait. I got Freddie a 32" television for Christmas. I hope he likes it. It's getting delivered the day we move so I'm wrapping a picture of it in a box so that he can unwrap a picture of it on Christmas morning instead.

Hope everyone has a good week. I'll be busy, that's for sure.

Current mood: busy

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